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Executive Gifts

Exquisite and Extraordinary

A luxury gift for an executive should be unique, personalized and highly desirable.  What will make your executive's face light up? Something stunning by Corporate Jeweler.

Custom Letter Opener

When George opened his gift bag, he expected something mundane.  A corporate gift made of plastic that he knew he would toss in the trash on the way to the car.  Already, he had kept too many logo gifts from the company in his desk drawer, and he thought, how could I possibly want another plastic tcochki with the company logo on it?

And then he pulled out a gorgeous walnut box and thought, what on earth?  This is a beautiful box! What on earth is inside.

When he opened the hand finished box, he froze in his tracks.  He never imagined in his life, a letter opener so gorgeous. With a damascus blade and his name and commendation on the handle, he knew that this would be an object he would use and admire daily.

Why give boring executive gifts? Create a stunning work of art that will really shock them.




"The finished jewelry was just beautiful and our staff was thrilled.  They wear their jewelry every day and we could not be happier with the whole process.  We look forward to working with your company for many years to come!"

-Christy Davis, ELD Engineering Inc.

Custom Cufflinks for an Executive Gift


Steve was a respected regional sales rep and often worked late at night.  During the holidays, however, he loved to go to parties and 1) have a good time and 2) build relationships with new, wealthy clients. Steve always dressed to the nines at these soirees.

When he received his Christmas bonus and gift box, he figured the gift would be something to gather dust, just like the other paper weights and monogrammed golf tees that he'd collected over time from the company.

What he didn't expect was the 14k white gold, emerald and diamond cufflinks that awaited him.  Well now, he thought, that will certainly help win me a few clients.  What a great talking point!

Why give boring jewelry when you can give something designed by the masters at Corporate Jeweler.  We don't do boring.

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