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21 East Congress Street

Tucson, Arizona 85701

Tel: 520-322-6090

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About us

Corporate Jeweler is a division of Krikawa Master Jewelers, led by award-winning lead designer Lisa Krikawa.  Corporate Jeweler is focused on luxury logo jewelry specially designed for a company’s unique needs. An international custom jewelry house, Krikawa is dedicated to capturing its clients’ visions to create memorable works of personal jewelry art. View Krikawa's custom jewelry website at


Artistic excellence is truly what sets Krikawa apart from the rest, yet with Krikawa, you can also expect the unexpected:

  • WORLD CLASS DESIGN: Your brand and style will be the inspiration used by our seasoned designers to create pieces that perfectly reflect your corporate culture.

  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Using the latest in computer aided drafting and rapid prototyping, your unique pieces will be modeled and rendered to your satisfaction, and 3D printed and cast into precious metals with absolute perfection.

  • IMPECCABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP: At the bench of our skilled goldsmiths, your pieces will be artistically finished and burnished to a glow, even set with the natural or lab created gems of your choosing.


A gift by KRIKAWA is the perfect reward for greatness.

Get Ready to Wow

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