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Custom Championship Rings

From Conservative to Luxury

Whether you're creating a single ring or rings for a whole team, your custom championship ring from Corporate Jeweler by Krikawa will be sure to inspire.

How to Create Your Custom Championship Rings

Championship rings are for more than sports teams.  Sales teams, executive leaders, and small business owners alike celebrate their team's victories with beautiful, logo inspired  and gem encrusted rings. 


Check out the Progressive Sales Award Championship ring option below.  Top sales people tend to perform high year over year.  Why give them the same ring over and over when they can continue to bedazzle the ring they have?

Select Your Logo

Your logo can be instrumental in driving the look of your custom championship rings.  Many companies have a variety of logos that are used in their branding.  Choose the logo that you want to use on the ring or to inspire the ring.

Being prepared with black and white, camera ready artwork is helpful but not necessary!  Our designers can use almost any form of your log to create your pencil sketch and mockups.


Choose Your Words 

There's plenty of room on a championship ring for text.  Determine the most important words for your rings, and also what fonts you want to use.

Typically, there are fonts for you brand as part of your style.  You can incorporate tag lines, and special symbols and inscriptions inside the ring as well.

What about paving your words with diamonds and gems?  It's a great way to bring the bling.


Quantity, Quality, or Both?

You'll have options with pricing when it comes to your rings.  A large part of the cost comes from making the master, so if you have one ring, you have one master fee, and if you have 30 rings, you have one master fee.  

As you can see, ordering in volume significantly cuts down on your cost.

A master can run anywhere from $300 for a very simple design to $750 for a complex design.  What you get with Krikawa at Corporate Jeweler is stunning, one of a kind designs that do NOT come out of a catalog.


How Big Will They Be?

Championship rings for Women can be petite, while championship rings for men can be very large. 


We'll start with a "Small, Medium, Large" designation when it comes to the volume of your ring.

As every championship ring we make is made to order, you'll have control over how big yours will be.


What Shape Ring?

Championship rings come in all sorts of sizes.

TOP SHAPE: The common shapes for the top of the ring are Round, Square, and Rounded Square (Cushion, shown here).  Other shapes can work with your logo and concept as well.



Metal Choices

There are many metal options for your custom championship ring.  From stainless steel to 18k yellow gold or even platinum, the choice is yours.

Your design consultant will help you by providing pricing and durability of the different metals.


Accent Stone Choices

From diamonds, to natural or lab created sapphires, to imitation gems, we'll help you find the right material in the right price point and the right color for your brand and budget.


Color Fill?





Color fill is a great way to get across a brand or team color without the cost of stone setting, or to complement stones you do want to showcase.


Textures and Finishes



Textures and finishes are a great way to set the different elements of your rings apart.  You can rely on the master jewelers at Krikawa to create the perfect finishes.  You can also make special requests!


Design and Pricing



Your design consultant will guide you along the way, working with your budget and our  vast array of options to help you create the custom championship ring that fits your budget and makes your team or brand shine!


Accurate Ring Sizing

You want your custom championship rings to fit, especially if they're created out of stainless steel or some other inexpensive metal.

You might opt in to our custom sizing ring program, assuring an excellent fit.


Progressive Award



A progressive championship ring is one that can be modified over time, with diamonds or other elements added to honor additional years or awards.

ELD 06 hers.png

Start the process for your custom championship ring:



"The finished jewelry was just beautiful and our staff was thrilled.  They wear their jewelry every day and we could not be happier with the whole process.  We look forward to working with your company for many years to come!"

-Christy Davis, ELD Engineering Inc.

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